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You want to publish your house on our site.
The placement consists of 3 phases.

Phase 1
Start with the form on this page.
We process your request and we go to the phase 2.

Phase 2
We receive from you the details and description of your house. For more information see the page Method

Phase 3
We place your home on our site.
If your home has been sold we like to hear from you.

If you want to put your house you can fill the information in the form beneath

Upload a representative photo of your home:

Location house (region, departement, municipality)
Distance neighbours
Distance from the street
Distance to the main road
Surface of the ground
Year of construction
Habitable size
Your name
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You can enter your data completely optional.

You find the our rates on the page Method. You can also phone us or send an e-mail.

Responses of possible customers:
We will send you the questions of the customers by e-mail.